About Us
GPCTEK(Taiwan) with CarboTech (Germany) investment and created QMJD Co., Ltd. in Institute and Pioneering Parkand Suzhou from 2001. This company focus on High-purity gases to ultrapure gas equipment. All of technology are from CarboTech formerly the company's Bergbau Forschung (BF) . The BF are Nitrogen PSA process as well as the leading in PSA Process Nitrogen from Nitrogen gas mixture in the manufacture also are inventor of the carbon molecular sieve.
GPCTEK Co., Ltd(Taiwan) investment 12 million to builded a factory at high-tech Industrial Development Zone in Suzhou. Built to produce PSA and membrane Nitrogen Generator, nitrogen, hydrogen occurred and the industrial base purification equipment. We will continue to work with domestic and foreign joint-venture industrial chain co-operative mode, step-by-step, multi-faceted development company to develop into a set of gas to deal with materials, equipment, systems engineering, as well as focus on building a large gas station company.